Digital Marketing

Marketing Specialist North America
São Carlos - SP, Brazil

SUMMARY of Experiences

During the summer preceding my last semester at Iowa State, I was selected to intern at Raccoon Digital Marketing. Raccoon is the largest digital marketing agency in Brazil. My work as an intern was so successful that I was asked to stay on the team as a freelancer as I finished my studies at Iowa State through distance learning.
At Raccoon I was involved in the development of all the company’s institutional materials for their expansion into the North American market. My responsibilities included graphic design, copywriting, translating, and strategy development. I was in charge of creative and strategy for the brand.

Copywriting, Design, and Research

The following are a few examples of pieces of content I created for Raccoon’s brand. Either for external or internal use. This first example is of a flyer created for the shop.org ecommerce event in Las Vegas this fall (2018). I designed and wrote this flyer based on two preexisting success cases.

Omni-Channel Marketing Flyer
Marketing Flyer


I was also in charge of developing and executing a strategy for Raccoon’s English language Instagram page which gained over 400 followers from 0 in less than three months. Including an engagement rate of around %15 percent, impressive for a B2B Instagram account.

Raccoon's Instagram feed


an excerpt from Raccoon's english about page:

Instead of trying to teach marketers data science, they [Raccoon] started teaching data scientists the principles of marketing. Today over 90% of Raccoon’s employees have or are pursuing degrees in the hard sciences, mathematics, or engineering. Naturally, their deeper understanding of data and data manipulation leads to a far more complete vision of a marketing action’s performance.
That means better performance for your dollar. The growth we are accustomed to providing to our clients is exactly the growth startups need. We respect the tenacity, and we’ve got the ability to match it.


A selection of materials created to facilitate internal team alignment.

I developed the design and copy for this deck based on case studies from Raccoon.

User Personas I developed based on market research for startup founders and CEOs

An overarching communications strategy that was supposed to inform Raccoon’s North American marketing actions for 2019.

Summit FlyerInstagram StorySummit Flyer

Three promotional pieces for an event in New York City hosted by Raccoon’s founders (Poster, Instagram Story, Poster)

Other Projects